Company and Secretarial Services

A forward-thinking law practice that specializes at providing first-rate secretarial and company services is Gaka Barongo & Company Advocates. Comprehensive planning and administrative assistance for trusts and estates are all part of our service offering. We assist customers in structuring and establishing trusts that are in line with their unique needs and goals thanks to our vast experience in trust formation.

We provide an extensive range of company secretarial services as part of our dedication to provide all-encompassing solutions. Our team takes care of every facet of business formation and conversion, making sure that it is a quick and easy process for our clients. We keep a collection of readily accessible shelf firms to support quick business developments, facilitating the entry of our clients into new businesses.

The importance of shareholder and member agreements in ensuring sound corporate governance is another thing we acknowledge. Such agreements are meticulously implemented by our professional team of company secretaries, assuring their clarity, transparency, and legal conformity.

We also acknowledge the value of shareholder and member agreements in developing sound corporate governance. With careful company secretarial implementation of such agreements, our professional team ensures clarity, transparency, and legal compliance.

With an emphasis on innovation, effectiveness, and client-centricity, Gaka Barongo & Company Advocates approaches company and secretarial services. We create customized solutions that are specific to each client’s needs by fusing our in-depth legal expertise with a proactive mentality. We stand out as a reliable partner in the field of company and secretarial services because of our dedication to ensuring the success of businesses and entities and our commitment to excellence.

Working Method

As a law firm specializing in Company and Secretarial Services, our working methods prioritize efficient and compliant corporate administration. We offer comprehensive support in maintaining corporate records, preparing board minutes, and facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements. Our attention to detail, proactive approach, and expertise ensure seamless corporate governance for our clients.

Analysis process

At Gaka Barongo & Company Advocates, the analysis process includes the scrutiny of corporate documents, analysis of governance structures, and ensuring that there is compliance with legal obligations. Our attention to detail and thorough research enable us to provide accurate advice and assist in maintaining sound corporate governance practices.


Having extensive experience in providing Company and Secretarial Services, our law firm excels in navigating the complexities of corporate governance. We have supported numerous companies in fulfilling their legal obligations, such as maintaining records, preparing minutes, and ensuring compliance. Our expertise and attention to detail ensure efficient and effective corporate administration.


– Advised a client in a proposed merger and acquisition transaction.
– Acted for a multinational brewing and beverage company, based in South Africa in the restructuring of its multi-tiered ownership structure.